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About Us

HMS provides management solutions that save time and money by furnishing electronic claims and automated patient solutions for healthcare professionals.

As a independent MediSoft dealer, our Services include:

bulletProviding Medisoft Software and Hardware
bulletProviding training in Medisoft Software
bulletFiling your insurance claims electronically
bulletPatient Accounting

With our system we can:

bulletProcess and record transactions
bulletPrint patient statements and reports
bulletSubmit electronic claims
bulletProcess Commercial insurance claims
bulletProcess Medicare/Medicaid claims
bulletFollow up on insurance payments
bulletProvide "CASH" return on claims within 16 days
bulletKeep detailed records
bulletReduce claims processing costs

The Flow Line of Medical Insurance Claims
Until recently, billing centers were very rare, and doctors had to hire and supervise staff to process their patients' claims. More and more, however, doctors are beginning to realize the many benefits of having claims processing done by an outside service. Among these various benefits are:

bulletNo more time spent by the doctor supervising the processing of claims.
bulletNo more problems with office software and hardware support and service.
bulletNo more rejected claims.
bulletGreater income from increased efficiency of claims collections.


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