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MediSoft Software

Healthcare Management Services provides MediSoft Sales & Support.

MediaSoft Patient Accounting has revolutionized healthcare billing software with its uncanny ability to organize and professionalize the finances of any type of healthcare practice.

Tens of thousands of healthcare practices have chosen MediSoft products as the foundation of their office management system. MediSoft has all the features necessary to effectively bill insurance electronically or on paper, control accounts receivable, and manage any practice more effectively.

MediSoft Bills Insurance Faster

bulletPrints standard HCFA-1500 health insurance claim forms.
bulletIncludes software for electronic claim submissions.
bulletTracks visits authorized and used.
bulletUses alternative procedure and diagnosis codes to meet carrier requirements.
bulletStores billing information to allow duplication of any insurance claim.

MediSoft Simplifies Accounting

bulletPatient ledgers show all accounting activity on a patient's account.
bulletPatient aging reports help collect charges quickly.
bulletPatient account statements present billing information professionally, urging patients to keep their account current.
bulletPrints separate accounts receivable again, ledgers, billing, reports, and more by attending provider.
bulletRecords billing information by case.

MediSoft Makes Practice Management More Effective

bulletClosing a day's accounting is a snap with the patient daysheet report.
bulletThe practice analysis report summarizes charges, payments, and account adjustments. Print it each month to stay informed about your practice's financial health.
bulletMediSoft includes Office Hours software, a complete computerized patient appointment book.
bulletPrints birthday lists, recall patients, and create customized reports and form letters with the report designer.

MediSoft Improves Collections

bulletPrints customized patient statements with collection message and writes collection letters.
bulletTracks slow-to-pay patients and insurance carriers.

MediSoft Fits the Way You Work

bulletSearch or browse for all types of information. Search for patients using nineteen different data fields.
bulletUse the report designer to create specialized reports.
bulletUse MediSoft's own data backup program or specify another backup program to safeguard billing information.
bulletEnter data, print a report and do billing all at the same time using MediSoft's multi-tasking features.
bulletPrints reports using Windows printers and fontsA print preview is available, letting you see a report before it is printed.

Getting Help When You Need It

bulletOnline help and a user manual answer your questions.
bulletWhether you get assistance from an independent MediSoft dealer, from a MediSoft Live Training Seminar, or choose to call MediSoft's 800-line support service, help for MediSoft is easy to get.

Grow Up With MediSoft

As your practice and billing needs grown, so can your MediSoft software. Whether you own Just Claims, MediSoft, or MediSoft Advanced, you can upgrade to another program. You will receive a full credit of your old program's retail price toward the purchase of a new one. All you have to do email us at and return the original serialized program disks and manual of your old system.


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